The world's most innovative researchers use Recollective

Recollective Professional is an online research platform for developing insights communities and conducting qualitative research studies.

Powerful and flexible, Recollective Professional is developed in collaboration with the world's most innovative researchers to meet their sophisticated and advancing requirements.

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Build unlimited studies in a branded site   2/16
Control the entire participant experience   3/16
Browse summary streams and visual overviews   4/16
Deploy globally with full multilingual support   5/16
Outline a sequence of scheduled activities   6/16
Select tasks from a growing library   7/16
Customize activities and track responses   8/16
Filter, analyze and export all data collected   9/16
Highlight, save and codify text snippets   10/16
Build a sense of community in discussions   11/16
Reply, comment, rate and follow discussions   12/16
Track and profile participants in a directory   13/16
Boost engagement through gamification   14/16
Run rich reports and complete transcripts   15/16
Monitor and audit all participant actions   16/16

A Complete Research Platform

All the components needed to make your qualitative study or insight community a success

Recruit the right people
Invite, screen and balance participants against custom quotas with our new Inflows tool.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Leverage social networks
If permitted, participants can use their social network identity to join or return to a study.
The research engine
Intuitive and powerful tools to design activity-based studies that engage participants in insights communities.

Research Design & Execution

Flexible research design
Recollective provides the building blocks to assemble a variety of studies that can be adapted and expanded on-the-fly.
Easily browse & save data
Review activity streams, search word clouds, browse media galleries and then save and codify insightful excerpts.

Analysis & Reporting

Rich reports & transcripts
Track participation, completion rates, and leaderboards. Export complete, media-rich transcripts.
Customizable point and level systems recognizes and rewards valued contributors.

Recognition & Rewards

Increased engagement
Recollective is intuitive and fun for participants, leading to high completion rates, usually 85% or higher.


Recollective simplifies the process of getting rich and insightful data from any group of people. Studies can be setup as short pop-up communities or ongoing insight communities.

Benefits of using Recollective Professional

When compared to traditional qualitative research methods and even other online research technologies, Recollective can yield greater insights with less effort and cost.

Better Data Quality
  • Collect well-considered, in-depth responses
  • Peer interaction yields more insights
  • Easier access to representative audience
  • More accurate "in the moment" responses
Stronger Engagement
  • Highly intuitive and usable design
  • Full access from any device at anytime
  • Familiar social networking experience
  • Completion rates often exceed 85%
Faster Results
  • Setup and deploy a study in a day
  • Monitor, probe and report in real-time
  • Instant feedback from the community
  • Rapid reporting and instant transcription
More Cost Effective
  • Eliminate or reduce recruiting costs
  • Reuse past studies and activities
  • Reduce time to moderate and analyze
  • Inexpensive to scale and extend studies
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Recollective Features

Recollective yields impressive particitpation rates, normally 85% or higher due to its innovative features and advances in participant engagement. The platform is constantly evolved in response to researcher needs.

Activity-Based Workflow

Structure questions and responses to effectively guide and engage participants.

Full Mobile Access

Participate and administer a study from any device of any screen size without limitation.

Screening and Balancing

Bulk upload or directly recruit and screen participants while balancing desired segments.


Increase participation rates with point-based rewards, achievement levels and leaderboards.


Collect responses as text, images, videos, files, image markup, card sorting and more.


Control how response are shared to limit bias while still encouraging valuable peer feedback.

Analysis and Reporting

Analyze and export data with our unique excerpting tool, word clouds, heat maps, charts and more.

Backroom Collaboration

Collaborate with fellow moderators and clients in the same study with full access control.


Add logos, backgrounds and colours with ease for a consistent brand experience.

Flexible Duration

Engage participants for a short, one-time study or keep them on for various studies over time.

Professional Support

Training and support included to ensure you design and implement the best studies possible.

True Multilingual Support

Set up studies in multiple languages simultaneously, going beyond just a translated interface.

Jim Wehmeyer
Story Line Research
Overall support was really amazing... Recollective was recommended to us, and we'll surely recommend it to others in turn.
Niall Van Santen
Leapfrog Research and Planning
I just wanted to say personally how great it has been working with you as a supplier. You're help and training has been integral in progressing my online research skills and improving Leapfrog's online research offer.
Anna Parry
Kadence International
We have used the Recollective platform for all our online projects and find the sites easy to use to create as engaging communities as possible to help us get really great results.

How It Works

Recollective Professional is designed to allow researchers to quickly configure a site, onboard pariticipants, ask probing quesitons and then summarize all findings.

  • 1
    Setup a Site
    Pick a domain and we establish your site in a day. Training is included and ensures you and your team will have a quick and confident start.
  • 2
    Define Activities
    Enter a discussion guide as a sequence of Activities made of up of Tasks. Discussion topics can also be initiated.
  • 3
    Screen and Balance
    Participants can be screened and segmented automatically or bulk-imported before or during a study. Involve clients and moderators as well.
  • 4
    Engage and Probe
    Socialize responses for comments, open discussions and probe for more specifics. Quickly save and codify verbatim excerpts directly within your browser.
  • 5
    Analyze and Report Findings
    Generate reports and charts at any time. Filter by segment, date, activity and participant to get straight to the information you need.

All-Inclusive Pricing

Recollective pricing is based on the duration of a site and the number of participants. It supports studies as small as three days and 15 participants to annual, ongoing sites with thousands of participants.

Each site can contain unlimited studies, activities and discussions. Training and implementation support are included along with access by unlimited administrators and clients. All languages and most new features are included at no additional cost, with only a few premium security options and the Inflows module (automated participant screening and balancing) priced separately.

Partner Program

We partner with leading firms and constantly seek to strengthen our relationships with them.

The Partner Program recognizes companies that regularly use Recollective Professional by providing them with additional benefits and services.

Recollective partners are afforded some notable advantages:

  • Product discounts
  • Co-branded marketing and training materials
  • Complimentary demo site
  • Priority service and support
  • Product roadmap feedback and planning
  • Collaboration on marketing and publicity initiatives
  • Certification program (coming soon)

Entry into the program is limited to qualifying customers and numbers are restricted to maintain high service levels. Please contact us for more information on the Partners Program.

Research Capabilities for Everyone

Recollective is also available in a BASELINE edition to extend the power of the qualitative research to non-professionals. It's a FREE self-service online research tool used to gather information across groups and identify insights.

As a simplified, entry-level version of Recollective Professional, it's ideal for non-profits, small businesses and students. Note that resale by professional agencies is not permitted in this edition.

About Us

Ramius Corporation, the developer of Recollective, is a software company focused on the development of cloud-based social software for engagement and research. Since our inception in 1998, we have developed online community systems and social networking platforms for millions of consumers and hundreds of enterprises including SAP, NASA, Honeywell, Kaiser Permanente, Ciena, Sony, Nikon, Dreamworks, and the World Bank. Ramius is a privately-held Canadian company based in the Ottawa region.

Ramius partners with the world's most innovative and visionary market researchers to advance Recollective as the leading online community-based qualitative research platform on which people can be engaged for the purpose of identifying new insights to inform decision making.